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>>megyn: lots of feedback on twitter about the show. go on and you can follow me. i will tweet you back if i want to. thanks for watching, everyone. >>shepard: what do you do with the twitter? advertise the show? talk about the family. >>megyn: personal pictures posted. if you would follow me you would know the answers to these questions. >>shepard: they do not allow me to twitter. meg forget what i said. you can learn about me, a lot. >>shepard: i will have my staff follow you and they will e-mail it to me. the news begins anew on "studio b". palestinian leaders expect a historic win today when the united nations vote whether to
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recognize the palestinian state. recognizing a palestinian state but the united states, israel and others are not celebrating. we will get the details ahead. the senate is working to change the law. the law that lets cops and the feds read our e-mails. they can just read them if the messages are more than six months old. a change coming that could affect all privacy. i am still on air today because my staff didn't win the record $588 million powerball jackpot. the deal was, if they won, obviously they were thought coming to work and the stage manager was going to anchor and i was going to hang out on their boat. but, no, there are two winners, obviously we hate them. we will talk about them unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00, the united nations general assembly hold a historic vote any moment
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on recognizing an independent palestinian state. it is expected to pass overwhelmingly despite opposition from the united states and israel which are in a vast majority of the u.n.'s 193 members. this measure would "reaffirm the right of the palestinian people to self determination and to independence in their state of palestine, on the palestinian territory, occupied since 1967." here is a look at how the land was divided. these are the 67 borders. secretary of state, hillary clinton says this bid if recognition is misguided and urge talks with israel for a two-state solution. after years of failed negotiations, and no two-state solution the palestinian president is ready for a rare symbolic victory. across the west bank and gaza palestinians are gathering in anticipation of the vote in their favor.
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u.n. recognition is mostly symbolic it could allow the palestinians to bring war crimes accusations against israel before the international criminal court. this comes amid growing tenses following the eight day conflict teen israel and the militant group that runs part of the palestinian territory, hamas. the palestinians are saying this is long overdue. >>jonathan: morale, legally, and politically, long overdue in the eyes of palestinians. they say as you look at the general assembly at the diplomats gather, this is a necessary on the road to that well warn phrase "the two state solution." they claim this will strengthen the hand of the moderates among the palestinians. they mean president abbas' party in the face of the militant
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hamas who made gains in popularity in the wake of the recent conflict with israel. those moderate palestinians say this is an important part of any peace process. >> despite diminishing hopes to the situation on the ground we remain committed to the two-state solution and our hand is extended if peace. this is why we have embarked on peaceful, political initiative that would be considered by the john assembly this afternoon. >>jonathan: in the hour we should hear from palestinian president abbas appealing to the diplomats of the general assembly to vote in favor. they are expected to do that by something like a two-thirds majority which will unfold in the hour of "studio b" today.
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>>shepard: the israelis said one thing and indicated another. they said this vote is meaningless and they sent their foreign minister in to lobby against it. >>jonathan: something of a disconnect between what they are saying and what they are actually doing. they are saying this is purely symbolic, an empty gesture, this does nothing for anyone in terms of forwarding the peace process but practically speaking, they are obviously worried about the symbolism of it. they are also worried about the practicality of it saying it could on the way for the palestinians to go to other international institutions such as the international criminal court and bring war crimes charges against israeli generals, israel politicians. that, they say, would be an obvious hindering of the peace process and not helpful. that is an argument that has been repeated again and again by u.s. officials including
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secretary of state, hillary clinton with her words echoed by the state department spokeswoman. >> we have had concerned and we are clear why we will vote the way we will vote. the path to two states goes through jerusalem not through new york. >>jonathan: today the focus is indeed on new york, is indeed on the united nations right here, the general assembly, with the street come during this hour. it will be historic. it could alter the course of history in the middle eat. >>shepard: now the assistant managing editor of the the "wall street journal," parent company of this network. israel says it and meaning less and lobbies against it. not "meaningless." >>guest: it is symbolic. 132 nations already have recognized palestine as a
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sovereign state. they have exchanged ambassadors. so the united nationses is catching up with the international trend. it will be significant for the reasons that john than -- jonathan pointed out that the palestinian liberation organization could take israel to the international court. israel says if it gets do that change and they do that we will block it and that could mean sanctions against the palestinian areas. >>shepard: there are two governing bodies, the palestinian authority over the west bank and hamas over gaza and it is hamas that has been strengthened and no one in the west is happy. >>guest: that is one of the things that is driving this, a desire to signal to the world the diplomatic process which abbas has been pursuing should be rewarded. we will see that in the vote today expected to be overwhelmingly in favor of recognizing this state. it is an effort to try to give abbas more of a footing while
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hamas has been fighting with israel. >>shepard: for purposes of discussion, also symbolic, i suppose, this not now palestine, it will be the palestinian territories, right? >>guest: they will have special status in the united nations like the vatican has. but it has, there is no question --. >>shepard: the vatican and the palestinians? >>guest: it shows the international community pushing for a seven -- a sovereign state. what the united states wants is that to be a negotiating chit with recognition of a sovereign state if the following circumstances prevail. they don't want to lose that bargaining chip. >>shepard: the come is any minute. but it is done. i wondered about great britain which has indicated they could vote for this. that would be a change in course
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for politics there. >>guest: there has been an an -- affinity for some time in great britain. the french, too, have signaled they are likely to support that. it and a change. but it is a decremental change and the international community coalesced behind this. >>shepard: we will watch it. now the fight over the fiscal cliff at home. potential economic disaster that has come down to who blinks first, really. leaders in both policemen parties today accuse the other of not taking the situation seriously as tax hikes, rather, speakerration of the bush tax cuts will take effect. so taxes will go up unless someone does something. today, geithner met with the power players on the hill. the president says any deal has to raise taxes on families
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earning more than $250,000 a year. republicans say that is something they "could" be willing to consider but if and only if the president meets them halfway. house speaker boehner says they are not any closer to a deal publicly. >> all eyes or on the white house. the country doesn't need a victory lap but leadership. it is time for the president and congressional democrats to tell the american people what spending cuts they are willing to make. >>shepard: the democrats say any are open to spending cuts but no one has been specific. no one is specific. they say the republicans will not answer serious solutions. >> let them come forward with something. the issue is simple as was shown during all the presidential debates and during all the conversation during the campaign you cannot get from here to
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there unless you raise the upper rates. >>shepard: the president argues that a majority of members support his plan for the removal of the tax cuts from the bush era a centerpiece of his campaign. ed, i am getting from all corners of the political world they are actually making progress behind-the-scenes not talking about it publicly but there is real progress. >>reporter: perhaps. "politico" has a story saying there was a curt phone call between the president and speaker boehner but carney said it wasn't curt or short but 28 minutes long. he said sure they had a frank exchange, maybe some differences but this was progress. if you listen to speaker boehner what happen was geithner earlier came up before christmas but was not bearing any gifts in the form of a specific list of spending cuts that republicans want. speaker boehner said he thinks it is going nowhere.
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>> i am disappointed in where we are and disappointed in what has happened over the last couple of weeks. going over the fiscal cliff is serious business. i am here seriously trying to reresolve it. >>reporter: a lot of people wonder if speaker boehner is trying to show he is fighting against some of the tax changes and he will come along to a deal. vice president biden went to a costco in washington, today, proclaimed himself optimistic there will be a deal and bought a big screen tv and and an apple pie. >>shepard: you mention speaker boehner and the fact is there is a group if his party, the conservative part that doesn't want him to act like he is moving and that is who he is talking to today? >>reporter: they want him to dig in. they want him to completely
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resist essentially going back to the old clinton administration tax rates of 39.6 percent on the top level. the bottom line when you ask about whether there is any progress there are signs of progress from the white house briefing and carney today said the president said in this phone call to speaker boehner, any deal has to have the rates going up but in the end, carney said it doesn't necessarily, he didn't say this directly but suggested it doesn't have to go up to 39.6 percent but could go up to 37 or 38 so maybe there is wiggle room. >>shepard: thank you, ed. egypt's president is trying to quiet the country after he took almost absolute power and has spoken to his people. we thought it would be a live speech of president morsi by he put it on video and they will play it to the people shortly. when they see it, we will see it. it is very important. the reaction on the streets of cairo less than two years after
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people kicked their president out. and a health care for former president george h.w. bush, he has been in the hospital for a week now. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>>shepard: 17 minutes past the hour. egyptian president morsi has recorded a statement on the uprising in the crucial area of the middle east and egyptian lawmakers are returning to complete a brand new constitution that could end president morsi's power grab. last week he essentially maim himself a dictator. he issued several decrees including an order that all decisions he makes are final and he is essentially above the law and frankly the people and the judges went nuts. a new constitution would revoke the decrees but protesters say
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the lawmakers are islamists as is president morsi so there is, well, a lot of questions. opposition leaders fear the islamists will push laws that limit civil liberties and limit the rights of women and minorities. steve harrigan has been watching things in cairo with the embassy closed. >>reporter: one section of the embassy that deals with public services was closed during business hours today. it is important to note the embassy was not under target or being attacked but if this neighborhood, really, where i am standing we had two buildings set on fire. we had a car set on fire. a lot of the spillover protesters have turned violent with rocks and tear gas thrown. a message is going out that today is not a good day to pick up your visa, tomorrow, or saturday. >>shepard: what are we expecting from president morsi's
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address? >>reporter: well, it is a remarkable situation where you have a country ramming through a constitution in one day's time if an attempt to head off more protests. the exact affect could be the reverse, to inflame the protests that we have seen the past seven days. this is tape recording and there will be a explanation of the extraordinary power and the explanation of the constitution. it will go to the people after he accepts it so we will have a referendum in 15 days and in the short-term major protests friday and saturday if those who support the president and those who are trying to drive him out. >>shepard: thank you, steve. the first president bush is in the hospital because of a cough that won't go away. that is the word from the president, the former president's office. he has been in and out of the hospital recently with bronchitis complications. he reported the president is in
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stable condition and should come back home by this weekend. the spokesman says doctors want to be extra cautious given that former president bush is now 88 years old. we wish him well. >> right now, police can read any e-mail you sent or received more than six months ago. anything. they can do it without a warrant. yes, i'm talking about here in america. coming up a look at efforts to change that law. judge napolitano will be here. don't feel bad about not winning the powerball, past winners saying becoming a millionaire overnight is not all it is cracked up to be, we will spoke to someone who has won several lotteries and find out what the lucky ticket holders have in store no them. i feel bad for them, after all each of those tickets won $275 million. it is a bad day for them.
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oh, let me guess --ou see this? more washington gridlock. no, it's worse -- look, our taxes are about to go up. not the taxes on our dividends though, right? that's a big part of our retirement. oh, no, it's dividends, too. the rate on our dividends would more than double. but we depend on our dividends to help pay our bills. we worked hard to save. well, the president and congress have got to work together to stop this dividend tax hike. before it's too late.
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>>shepard: there are two winning powerball ticketed. for the record 588 million jackpot, one sold in missouri, one in arizona. one was sold in fountain hills, arizona, near phoenix. the other in dearborn, missouri, north of kansas city. not winning ticket holders are individuals each individual takes the lump sum option of $38 5 million, that is for both so each would have $193 million. prior to taxes. which is greater than the estimated net worth of kanye, and eli manning, and johansson combineed.
12:25 pm
trace has the news live in washington. account winners remain anonymous can you? >>trace: they can remain anonymous in five states. but in missouri and arizona, they are not among the states so barring a back door legal maneuver we will find out the winners' name and the winners' hometown. the lottery recommends you take a little time, you think about some plans, practice telling your family "no" and you come forward and you celebrate. in arizona there is no power wall in california, utah, and nevada so the winner in arizona may not be from arizona because people were flooding over to see if they could play with that jackpot. arizona gets $25,000, the store that sold the ticket and in missouri they get $50,000, and that is strictly because of state regulation. nothing else. >>shepard: this lottery created a bunch of millionaires.
12:26 pm
>>trace: on top of the two huge tickets, there were eight other tickets that everyone worth $2 million and 58 tickets that were worth $1 million. remember, remember yolanda vega said do not use your special dates, anniversaries. look at those numbers, all under 30, and lottery experts say this is a very good chance the winners likely used their special dates. if this ticket or tickets were bought by groups, here is legal advice. >> when you have the winning ticket, you have to go to an attorney and have an agreement written up that each individual is responsible for their proportional share because you have had a couple of unpleasant cases where the purchaser of the ticket, the individual held the ticket was liable for the taxes.
12:27 pm
>>trace: when you are rich, the fights begin to start. the powerball lottery goes back to $40 million, not even worth playing. >>shepard: not at $40 million. now seven time lottery winner, seven time lottery winner author of "learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery," in orlando. >>shepard: best advise for the winners? >>guest: well, right now people who usually win this kind of money don't know what to do with it and they usually end up going crazy and buying talking cars and whatever right now the most important thing i suggest they do is get themselves a lawyer. an accountant. and a financial advisor. make sure these are represent futurable people because there are some that aren't. let these three people sit down with you, look what your current
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situation is, look at your situation with the money you just won and they will help advise you what to do. pay your bills. >>shepard: pay your bills off. >>guest: set up a financial future plan. then go out and buy the talking car. >>shepard: you are right, friends and family come out of the woodwork. >>guest: in most cases they do. i have been very fortunate because my wife and i are very family oriented so when we have won a big one we have contacted the family and said we won another big one and we will give you x amount of dollars, blah, blah, blah. we share. >>shepard: no disrespect but i know a lot of people and i don't know anyone who has won a big one, period, how the heck do you keep winning. you are cheating. aren't you? >>guest: no, i am not cheating. i sat down many years ago after playing like everyone else and
12:29 pm
after losing all the time like everyone else and said to myself, there has to be something you can do to give yourself a better chance so i wrote down a list of things i thought would work. the ones that didn't work i threw out the window. the items that worked i started playing that way. as i added more items to the list of things that, worked, i win. not any big grand rises yet but i was winning, $50 or $500 or $5,000. as the history kept getting longer and thicker and i would apply all those things on the lit of things i was coming up with, low and behold i won my first big one and second and third and fourth. when i won the fourth i knew i had a method. until then i wasn't quite sure but no one else believed me after i won four and i would say, come on, how can you not
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believe i don't have a though, but now i have won seven the world believes me. have a great day and enjoy o town. >>guest: i enjoy life. >>shepard: and now, you think yolanda would come up with a method. we are seeing celebration and angry protests today in the middle east as the united nations votes to recognize a palestinian state. reactions from both sides. we will have the vote from the u.n. with a live report from jerusalem. and hostess brands went bankrupt and continues of thousands, 18,000 lost their jobs, should company executives be asking for bonuses totaling $1.8 million? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 let's talk about low-cost investing.
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12:35 pm
the recognition of a palestinian state by the united nations practically speaking it doesn't mean a lot but it could give them power of negotiations down the road. it takes a nobodying chit away if the israelis regarding negotiations for a two-state solution. it will anger the israelis would have publicly said this doesn't mean anything while at the same time sitting there and foreign ambassador in there to lobby against it. so you say one thing and you mean another thing and that is what everyone does in the middle east it seems like david lee miller, in jerusalem, as the vote goes down, i am not sure there would be reaction if jerusalem but i am 100 percent there is no reaction yet. >>reporter: well, shep you are right but there is reaction to be anticipated. israel is trying to down play the significance of the vote.
12:36 pm
the last week the israeli officials were saying this was diplomatic terrorism and they have shifted that position to say essentially that the vote taking place lacks substance. early today here in jerusalem a number of right wing activists held a demonstration near a u.n. building, they burned a palestinian flag and voiced their opposition to the vote that is taking place and a number of israels are worried that palestinians because of the vote will be eligible on bring cases such as alleged human right violations to the international human court, israeli's prime minister, netanyahu, earlier described the vote as a set back to the peace poses. >> the only way to achieve peace is law agreements that are reached by the parties directly through direct negotiations teen themselves and not through u.n. resolutions that completely ignore israel's vellets security and national interests. >> despite the prime minister's rejection of the u.n. vote, a
12:37 pm
small number of left wing israels demonstrated in support of palestinian efforts at the united nations. still not clear is how israel is going to officially respond if, in fact, it does so. earlier there were threats they would impose harsh sanctions on the palestinians and the position now seems to be wait-and-see how it plays out. >>shepard: i would assume in the west bank the palestinians are loving this? >>guest: indeed. there are a lot of celebrations that are taking place and the one thing to take note of the celebrations team to have united rival palestinian factions. this were celebrations embracing the palestinian president, abbas , but, also, today, joining the celebrations were members of hamas and there was a demonstration in hamas-controlled gaza. hamas has said he was under tremendous diplomatic treasure to call off the vote and he refused to back down and tonight among palestinians he is being
12:38 pm
hailed as a hero. palestinian media now saying the world is behind the palestinians in their quest to establish a state. >>shepard: thank you, dade lee miller in jerusalem. there is news breaking at home at fox news, they sent a picture from the white house of the president meeting with mitt romney this afternoon. they visited for an hour over lunch in a private meeting adjacent to the oval office and when there is a winner and a loser in an election, each time it happens, whoever the president is, has whoever he beat into the white house for a talk and each time that happens the people who used to be for the guy who lost are like, well, that is how they are acting today but this happens, consult your history book or your dvr and they are meeting and talking and the president said, mitt romney fixed the olympics and he is a good business hand and i want his input, which really makes sense.
12:39 pm
anyway, mitt romney congratulated the president for the success of his campaign and wished him well. they made a pledge to stay in town particularly in opportunities to work together or shared interests arise in the future. their lunch menu included kite murkty chili and sworn grilled chicken salad but, back in the day everyone said they didn't like each other, at all, remember? that was the word during the campaign. they don't lick each other. well, they have a photo there, and maybe they saying let's get together and solve the big problems because we have big problems and quit yelling at each other about stupid things that no one cares about, an example from mitt romney and president obama. enjoy that. it can be soon be harder for the president to spy on your e-mail, a senate committee approve add bill to force the feds to actually get a search warrant before rooting through your
12:40 pm
electronic communications like e-mails and text to the banks. investigators can read through your e-mail to the bank as much as they want as long as the messages are more than six months old. the current law is from 1986 requiring agents to is a search warrant for e-mails that were "newer than six months." at the time, most e-mails were, hello? it was 1986? the rats were still spinning on the air creating the electricity to power your computer. the justice department is resisting changes because they want to go in our stuff when they want. those officials say investigations will take longer if we have to go through that problem with the judge signing off on everything. we have a judge. andrew napolitano crackles like a hen. >>judge napolitano: i can
12:41 pm
remember signing search warrants at 2:00 in the morning and a colleague signed the search warrant at the back of a motorcycle at 4:00 in the afternoon in downtown washington, dc. a search warrants assures there will not be fishing expedition so police have real evidence of a real crime before they invite your privacy. >>shepard: i read an introduction, a promise of "story to come" i read a tease but they cannot really get in all of our old e-mail. >>judge napolitano: in 19869 reagan justice department persuaded the congress and president obama to sign the electronic privacy act of 1986 and it says for our purposes if you communicate by electronics through the bank including a wire transfer, and the bank retains it for more than 180 days the feds can get it without a certain warrant less than 180
12:42 pm
days they need a warrant. this pertained only to financial institutions. federal agents began to persuade other institutions they, too, had to surrender e-mails that were longer than 180 days. before you know it much of federal law enforcement was operating under this statute. we can get e-mails older than 180 days there they pertain to financial transactions or not. that brought this to a head. perhaps the david petraeus did, as well, but, a combination of liberal democrats and libertarian republicans, along with moderate and conservative republicans and democrats, voted with only one dissent in the senate judiciary committee, to ban federal agents from getting any e-mails from anyone under any circumstances whether pertaining to a bank or now without a search warrant. this is the way the law was written in 1789 when the constitution was ratified and it is the way the law worked until
12:43 pm
this statue came back in 1986. it is the way the law should work if the senate passes this and the house of representatives passes it and the president signs it. >>shepard: when you are on the phone in the middle of the afternoon did you ever go hello, federal minder listening to my phone call, just to be plight? >>judge napolitano: i have people say that to me. i have had you say that to me on the phone with me. >>shepard: i am not worked up about it because i don't care what they find out. >>judge napolitano: the attitude toward privacy is one let it go but that is dangerous. the day the feds, the day any government can invade our privacy is when we lose our dignity, our right to be ourselves and we will change our behavior when we know the government is watching. we have the right to be left alone. this bill which the senate judiciary committee passed, will
12:44 pm
preserve that right. >>shepard: the united nations story coming up and the stow -- story at white house ahead. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- you can stay in and share something... or you can get out there and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>>shepard: the vote is happening at the united nationses and this is the palestinian leader aback head of the wet bank and leader of the palestinian people. as he came to the electric turn to give the speech he got a partial standing ovation at the general assembly. i say partial because you know everyone was not standing up but the vast majority were. when the vote is complete we will let that and we waiting to hear from morsi overseas in egypt. >> and it turned out not to be a speech, at all, but an interview from someone and we will go through it if a minute. >> before the fiscal cliff deadline the idea of the coming expiration of tax cuts and spending cuts impacting our
12:48 pm
401(k)'s and stocks are edging higher. they are optimistic today on wall street and are optimistic congress and the white house will strike a deal but the deadline. stocks slid early by 85 points ben speaker said he was disappointed in the lack of progress. but that could be for public consumption there is progress behind-the-scenes. and now, at least in public, he sounded irritated but i am told there is something different behind the scenes, is that true? >>reporter: he did sound irritated which was striking, because after the president of the united states and speaker boehner spent 15 minutes on the phone according to a source familiar with the call, a lot of presidential time and speaker boehner time after a leak was made to a political publication, online publication, the speaker was not amuseed. >> this is not a game. jobs are on the line.
12:49 pm
the american economy is on the line. and this is a moment for adult leadership. campaigns that have leaks in the press are not a way to get things done in washington. >>reporter: other top republicans express frustration saying they had seven weeks to work it out they feel like fiscal cliff are now gone. >>shepard: are we supposed to believe all the sources who tell us that there is real progress behind-the-scenes or not? >>reporter: depends who you listen to. the republican leader in the united states senate, mcconnell said geithner's visit was a step backward. sources say he was talking about raising taxes $1.6 trillion and they say that is not reality. that is not going to pass the senate or the house
12:50 pm
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>>shepard: the syrian government that is killing its people by the tens of thousands has shut down the internet across the country according to two u.s. based internet monitoring companies. activists confirm the blackout to the associated press and the syrian government claims we didn't do it, no, the terrorists shut down the intent. fighting an the main syrian airport near damascus sparked airlines to top flights into the syrian capital. activists reported the syrian civil war has led to the death of 40,000 people. conor is there in the middle east newsroom. >>reporter: many of those who is died have died because the syrian air force bombed and killed many of the rebels and
12:55 pm
the rebel held area and now the rebels have a new weapon that could stop the regime of assad. syrian rebels now have access to shoulder to air missiles and they shot down both a jet plane and a helicopter in the past 24 hours. the air very majority has been a key to the asat survival here in the past 18 or 20 months because of the superiority they is bombed and killed rebels. the ground tactic that the two sides have are relatively even with not were of a difference between what the co-can accomplish but with the air superiority assad is in a more powerful position but you take that superiority away we could see a stronger and fatter advance by the seen rebels, possibly toward damascus and this is a renewed focus on what the rebels can accomplish in the
12:56 pm
coming months to end the war in syria. >>shepard: thank you, conor. ♪
12:57 pm
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let's get you on the right path. call today. ♪ >>shepard: the palestinians leader, abbas; continuing to speak at the united nations. the vote is on palestinian statehood after that and we are assured it will pass. we will have continuing coverage of this throughout the afternoon on fox news. first, the twinkie maker, hostess, reports they are in talks with 100 potential buyers for product lines. today in bankruptcy court a financial advisor for the company said the potential buyers include five major retailers already willing to pay substantial amounts. whatever that means. hostess is seeking court approval to give the top executives bonuses totaling $1.8 million. and 18,000 workers will lose their jobs. that is it for "studio b" with the dow had

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